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Learning to Play through the Palo Alto Pickleball Club


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Kathy Levinson has been a strategic leadership coach and served on the boards of a number of nonprofit organizations in the San Francisco, Bay Area. In her free time, Kathy Levinson is an accomplished pickleball player and certified coach has held dozens of clinics for the Palo Alto Pickleball Club.

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area city of Palo Alto, the Palo Alto Pickleball Club (PAPC) consists of more than 700 members who play at the outdoor courts at Mitchell Park. Although Palo Alto regulations prohibit paid private lessons on the Mitchell Park courts, PAPC resources can connect interested parties with instructional programs at nearby venues.

The PAPC also sponsors a range of informal lessons and training sessions, including Getting Started gatherings for complete newbies and Novices Unite gatherings for beginner players. It also sponsors Twentysomething Pickleball Meetups that encourage young people of all pickleball abilities to gather and share tips. These events may even loan paddles to new players who don’t have their own equipment.

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