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Benefits of Recreational Vehicle (RV) Life


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Kathy Levinson attended Harvard Business School in 1988. She also earned a BA in economics and psychology from Stanford University. While not providing consulting services in strategic leadership to startups and non-profit leaders, Kathy Levinson enjoys traveling and recreational vehicle (RV) life.

For many Americans, recreational vehicle (RV) living and travel is the epitome of a dream come true. Below are three benefits of RV life.

The freedom

RV living provides an opportunity to travel anywhere in the US. You can go in whatever direction your heart desires, anytime, and at your own pace.

Cheaper living

Living in an RV has many cost saving opportunities. You don't have monthly mortgage payments or home maintenance bills, or pay homeowner's insurance. The savings can be channeled into experiencing other activities , or even upgrading your RV.

Connect with nature

Living in an RV full-time offers you the chance to wake up in nature every morning . This is not comparable to driving through a park in your car, or even a weekend visit to the countryside.

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