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Basic Rules of a Pickleball Serve

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Kathy Levinson was a member of the advisory board at the Horizons Foundation. In 2019, Kathy Levinson became a certified pickleball coach and has taught individuals and group clinic for players who have a wide variety of skill and experience levels.

The pickleball serve that has several basic rules that must be followed to ensure the serve is legal. First, you must stand behind the baseline and serve diagonally into your opponents opposite half of the court, beyond the non-volley zone line. You can stand anywhere between the middle line and the sideline.of the court..

Your feet must remain behind the baseline until after contact is made with the ball. At least one of your feet must be on the ground when you make contact with the ball.

The pickleball serve is an underhanded motion, swinging in an upward motion, as you make contact with the ball. Overhand serves are illegal.

Lastly, at the point of contact with the ball, your paddle must be below your waist (naval level)

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