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OutRight International Provides Training for LBGTIQ Activists

Kathy Levinson

· human rights

A graduate of Stanford University, Kathy Levinson has held C-level positions with companies including Charles Schwab and E*TRADE and currently serves as a mentor, coach and advisor in both the for-profit and non-profit arenas.. A strong advocate for LGBTIQ rights, Kathy Levinson co-founded the Lesbian Equity Fund and supports charitable organizations such as OutRight Action International.

A non-profit committed to advocating for LBGTIQ human rights worldwide, OutRight Action International partners with thousands of activists and conducts lifesaving research. Additionally, the organization offers training in the areas of human rights documentation and accurate reporting, helping journalists provide sensitive and comprehensive coverage even in delicate areas such as Iran. The organization also works directly with activists in safety training to enable them to protect themselves when confronting threats and violence.
OutRight draws on its extensive training experience to provide law enforcement education aimed at improving police officers’ sensitivity in working with vulnerable LGBTIQ populations. For more information or to browse the organization’s database of educational resources, visit

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